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John Fletcher


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Very Good Signals

“They are very good traders, to be honest.”


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“Excellent. The signals are very accurate, you just need to understand your platform correctly.”

Love it

“Love it. Love it soo much… it teaches us to be patient not just that… I can get more profit… Thank you so much. : ) : )”

“Great Signal I’m not expecting 100% hit rate. But the hit rate is much higher than my expectations.”



“Well since the day I have been checking and copying your signals I found it 90% profitable, because  of the time difference I follow your signals only 4 hours a day buts its more than enough 🙂 Thank you Pipster FX, you really proved yourself the market leaders or I would say for me fx market champions :)”

Mark Belman

“Your service is amazing! By getting the signals directly to my email in real time, I almost never miss a trade. Before I had your premium service, I also had some nice profits each month, but with the premium account, my profits just doubled! I just made last Thank you Pipsterfx team, keep up the good work.”


“I’ve been waiting for this service for such a long time! I’ve been following your signals for a few months already and they are fantastic, but it wasn’t that easy to copy them and kept missing too many of them. I’ve never seen such a professional service! Subscribing to your premium account was one of the best decisions I’ve made…


Love it

“Uniquely brilliant! Superb!”


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